SPIN Furniture Factory and Carbon Footprint Reduction – What Are Our Actions?

For many years, SPIN Furniture Factory has been engaged in the fight against carbon footprint. Our goal is to minimize the impact of our operations on the natural environment and ensure sustainable development. In our factory, we utilize state of the art technologies and eco certified raw materials endorsed by the EU. We also observe a positive trend towards increasing societal awareness, which motivates us to take pro ecological actions to minimize our impact on the natural environment.


Environmental Protection Initiatives:

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Within our premises, we have installed photovoltaic panels that generate electrical energy. Additionally, to combat local drought, we employ systems for collecting and utilizing rainwater. 


Continuously improving our production processes, we utilize energy efficient machinery for crafting furniture. Through the application of lightweight materials and pro ecological design solutions, we reduce the weight of our furniture.




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Components of our furniture, such as upholstery fabrics, are made from recycled materials. We also use water soluble eco friendly adhesives, and upholstery springs undergo 100% recycling. 


In our production, we exclusively use wood sourced from sustainable plantations with certifications such as FSC, confirming sustainable forest management.






To minimize our impact on the natural environment, we employ digital optimization systems for transport management. This helps decrease the distance our customers need to cover to collect their furniture, subsequently reducing greenhouse gas emissions related to transportation.


Storage and preservation of furniture pose further environmental challenges. We endeavor to limit energy consumption by implementing suitable LED lighting systems. 


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Additionally, we reduce the quantity of production waste through sorting and processing. Waste that isn't suitable for recycling or processing.


of production waste through sorting and processing. Waste that isn't suitable for recycling or processing is carefully stored and handed over to professional disposal firms.


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The longevity of our products equates to top tier environmental protection.


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